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...on Kirk's tall ship! =D

Happy Birthday, Captain! :D
In occasion of William Shatner's and Jim Kirk's simultaneous birthdays, give a look to the first annual TOS Jim-centric schmoop/comfortfest week on condition_green!

Click on the meme below! :D

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Here's a fanart I did some time ago:

Happy Birthday, Mr. Shatner
by ~TSiLvY on deviantART

Holiday whishlist/commentmeme for condition_green!

Hi people! For the incoming holidays, join us in the new whishlist/commentmeme we've opened at condition_green. There will be a lot of inspiration in there, and you could just have your muse randomly triggered or even see your lifelong fiction dreams realized.
Just click on the banner or the link. We promise fun! ;)

I'm very, very proud to announce that my fanvid, Hopelessly: Captain Kirk Tribute got a placing as RUNNER UP at round 8 of the wicked_awards!!!
They also made me this awesome banner:

This is a great honour to me, seeing how much love I put in the making of the vid to pay some credit to the most handsome, courageous and adorable captain in the 'Fleet.

Here it is, the runner up!

The good old days...
Ok, I was sure the moment would come, sooner or later, but that it would struck me now, this way, when my defences are so unbelievably low, was... unpredictable. Quite logical, actually.

This is the day I fell in love with a videogame. No, not only a videogame. I fell in love with a videogame and a videogame cover. Okay, I've just realized I've said videogame way too many times. This is the body of evidence:


Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm that messed up right now.

Story is, I've been playing with these two beautiful, old games, "Star Trek: 25th Anniversary" and "Star Trek: Judgment Rites". I'm a sucker for old things, like old books, old tv-shows (Star Trek docet), old toys, even old people, at times. But old games, I've always had a soft spot for them, and don't start me on how much I love the ones where you actually have to use your brain. :P And then I have these two lovely, perfectly in character , educational old games, and they're Trek centered!


Screencap loveCollapse )

TOS Kirk-centric h/c community is here!

Hi, folks!
I know I've never been active in lj before, to be blamed is real life that has been quite annoying and is now too. I'm a bit more active on YouTube and Deviantart anyway, though I'll slowly post most of what I've made up to now. It only requires a bit of time and patience.

The reason I'm posting today, anyway, is that my dear friend escape_vitriol and I have been working on this  project called condition_green, a brand-new community TOS Kirk and hurt/comfort centered, because we came to the conclusion that the lovely golden cap'n (played by the one and only William Shatner) doesn't ever get enough love. This is our way to amend that.

If you're interested, please do leave a comment in our friending meme you can find by clicking on the banner; if you're not sure, please just drop by and remember, you don't need to be a member to comment. That would make our day!

Take care! ;)


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